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Twice | Talks With Innovators, Creatives & Enterprisers making positive dents on society. Tightly edited conversational stories, learns and journeys to now from people striving to meaningfully make society a better place for everyone. Published fortnightly (or more often) from New Zealand since 2015.

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Apr 3, 2017

Julia Capon/Do Good Jobs and Reuben Harcourt/One Percent Collective talk insightful and entertaining professional (and personal) stories, learns and journeys to now. Their work drives jobs for good; and smartly supports smaller NZ charities with financial support through individuals giving to carefully vetted causes.

For the ale hounds: Refreshments tasted and rated at about 30 and 55mins in, alongside laughter, heartfelt stories, a shout-out to a South American philosopher, and Reuben's Mum. Episode runs about an hour, with bonus pre-show at the end.

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Do Good Jobs NZ: Home

Home - Trade Aid

One Percent Collective: HOMEPAGE


Housing crisis: A call for urgent action


Rumi - Wikipedia

Beer #1: Garage Project Webstock #B

The Gift Trust

One Percent Collective: The Fast 50 supporting the 100 percent model

Watsi: Fund medical treatments for people around the world


Get an Exciting New Job or Make a Career Change | Escape the City

Beer #2: Garage Project Webstock #A

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