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With thousands of unique (and regular) listeners spread across both New Zealand and the world, ‘twice’: two weeks in creative endeavour is a 2 year young digital radio show publishing fortnightly across multiple digital and NZ-broadcast networks.

We gather guests who are positively contributing to, and doing good for, society across disciplines and fields of expertise. Our focus is capturing and revealing some of the founder stories and journeys to now of social enterprisers, creatives and innovators from Wellington New Zealand.

Produced and bootstrapped as a ‘love not money’ project by David Binstead since humble Christchurch-based beginnings in August 2015, we are stoked to be supported by national and regional organisations: BizDojo, Collider Wellington and Wellington City Council.

Nearly fifty 60minute episodes published, great guest and listener feedback, and a swimming-pool sized lake of craft beer tasted and rated have taken the show way beyond proof of concept.

Editorial team:



Insights and founder stories from social enterprisers, creatives and innovators from New Zealand.

twice: Two weeks in creative endeavour is 2x guests (usually), topics, co-hosts, refreshments and weeks. Broadcasting to the world from Wellington New Zealand.

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