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Nov 14, 2017

Episode #62B: Licence To Impact with Louise Aitken and Chris Blues. #62A/part one here - published last week.

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Some of the many topics covered:

  • What is our licence to impact? 
  • What drives the value for the social entrepreneur?
  • On...

Nov 7, 2017

Louise kept a secret, Chris liked high-class scrumpy, Rebecca stared at the sea and David provided snacks.

Episode #62A: Value Alignment At The Highest Level with Louise Aitken and Chris Blues. The second half publishes in a week.

Ākina Foundation's Louise Aitken [was GM, now CE], and Chris Blues, International...

Oct 27, 2017

#60: More People Working On Stuff That Matters - 2017 Low Carbon Challenge

Cool people developing and delivering low carbon solutions in biodiesel, period cups, recycling polystyrene, a software platform for babies clothing reuse, ethical surfboards, and hosting a zero waste conference. 

Five of the six 2017 Low Carbon...

Sep 19, 2017

Hannah is single and available, Guy is married and not, Bec ‘it’s complicated’ and David is wedded to audio editing.

Hannah Duder is CEO of Indigo and Iris, a makeup social enterprise using profits from the sale of mascara to restore sight to those in New Zealand and pacific regions. Guy Ryan is a Filmmaker,...

Sep 4, 2017

Alina wowed with poetry, Yoseph wowed with languages, and Bec and David were duly wowed.

Alina Siegfried and Yoseph Ayele are leading the Edmund Hillary Fellowship to ‘work together from New Zealand to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges’. Their first international and local cohort of 30 Fellows starts...